Yousaf Weaving Mills LTD
Director's Profile

Khawaja Mohammad Nadeem: Mr. Nadeem completed his business graduation from USA and is on the board of the company as a chife executive director and a member of Audit, HR and Human Resource Committees of the Company. With more than a decade experience in the lines of spinning and weaving textile sectors, he is mainly involved in routine business operations including production, marketing and finance activities of Yousaf Weaving Mills Limited ( a sister concern of the company) where he hold the position of Chief Executive officer.

Khawaja Mohammad Jawed: Khawaja Mohammad Jawed, a legendary businessman, is the Chairman / non executive director of the Company and is widely respected in the business community due to his wisdom and vison. He has more then 40 year's experience in textile spinning,weaving,cement,polyester,and banking sector.His role in the company is mainly to give strategic direction and take policy decision.

Khawaja Mohammad Kaleem: Khawaja Kaleem is serving in the capacity of non-executive director on the Board of the Company with more than 35 years' diversified experience in various business and industry sectors including Textile Spinning, Cement & Fiber industries. He is energetically involved in the implementation of the company policies and monitors the performance of the all group companies. He is also the Chairman of HR and Remuneration Committee.

Khawaja Mohammad Jahangir: He has more than 35 years' diversified experience in business and industry especially fiber and Textile Spinning. He is also leading the company the capacity of Chief Executive Officer since 2004 and is executive director of the company.

Khawaja Mohammad Tanveer: He is serving as an non-executive director on the Board of the Company. He has more than 35 years' rich business and industry experience specially in the cement fiber and textile industry and is also are renowned participant in many social and welfare activities. He is the member of Audit Committee of the board of the company.

Mr. Mohammad Naveed: Mr. Naveed did his Graduations from the reputed institution of USA. He has vast business experience of more then 15 years in Fibers, Textile Spinning, Cement and banking sectors. He is member of HR & Remuneration Committee of the board of the company and also is Chief Executive Officer and executive director of MS Kohinoor Spinning Limited (sister concern).

Mr. Mohammad Tariq Sufi: Mr. Sufi is an independent director of the company in accordance with the requirements of code of corporate Governance. He has sufficient experience in textile spinning particularly in the area of store inventory management. Therefore, we have high expectations from him and expect him to become an intangible asset of the company in near future. He is also Chairman of Audit Committee of the board of the company.

Shareholding Pattern

Auditor of the Company : 12 HAR & Co. Chartered Accountants

Legal Advisor : Mr. Nasir Chohan